Trash and Recycle Services Update

The current Solid Waste and Recycling contract with Waste Management expires on September 30, 2024.  As a result of feedback received from township residents, Middle Paxton Township has formed a focus group comprised of volunteers from our community as we prepare to begin the competitive bidding process to solicit proposals for next year’s contract. The goal of the focus group is to evaluate potential opportunities to increase competitiveness of the bidding process while maintaining the current level of service for the residents of the Township. One of the items under review is the use of automated collection, which would require all residents to use trash carts provided by the hauler. Many waste removal companies are moving away from so called “manual collection”, where bags are collected by hand, to automated collection where wheeled carts are automatically picked up by a metal bar and dumped into the truck. Automated collection is becoming the norm as a consequence of higher labor costs many haulers are experiencing and may result in a more competitive bidding process. We will continue to update the residents on the progress of this new solid waste and recycling services contract.