Municipal Solid Waste and Recycling Update

At the May 6, 2024, regularly advertised business meeting, the Middle Paxton Township Board of Supervisors voted to extend the Municipal Solid Waste and Recycling Contract with Waste Management for one additional year. The year will run from October 1, 2024, through to September 30, 2025.

The decision to extend the contract was reached after careful consideration of various factors, including economic forecasts, budget constraints, and the need to maintain the high standards of waste removal services that our residents rely on. By extending the contract, we aim to minimize any potential disruptions to waste and recycling collection schedules, thus ensuring the well-being and convenience of our residents.

The increase per Waste Management’s Bid Document is 8%, which equates to approximately $12.88 per quarter or $4.29 per month. See the Waste Management Bid Document, dated September 8, 2022, Page #4 of the Bid Form within the document (Waste Management Bid Document).

We encourage residents to continue practicing responsible municipal solid waste habits, including recycling, and adhering to local guidelines for waste disposal. By working together, we can meet health and safety standards, and ensure a cleaner and more sustainable future for Middle Paxton Township.

In a concerted effort to enhance waste management and recycling practices, Middle Paxton Township will be launching a comprehensive survey initiative to solicit valuable feedback from residents regarding waste and recycling removal services.  Look for more information on this survey in the coming weeks.

For information on what items are listed to be recycled and what items can be burned, and additional information regarding Municipal Solid Waste & Recycling, please go to the Trash and Recycling page under Public Works & Safety on the Township’s website.