Roads and Highway Department

Road Crew

The Township’s road crew employees are responsible for maintaining the Township’s roads, including –

  • Repairs
  • Snow plowing
  • Clearing roads of debris after storms
  • Closing roads during storms

Middle Paxton Township has approximately 40 miles of roadway to maintain, and the Road Crew works diligently to keep our roadways safe and passable.

Jeffrey Warfel

Road Foreman

Joseph Wynn


To report a road issue, or for any road or driveway question, please contact the Township Manager, Julie Seeds, at (717) 921-8128 Ext. 106.

Road Work / Delays

As the Township receives notice about upcoming road work or road delays, the information will be posted on our website.

Residents can also research upcoming road projects / ongoing delays by utilizing the following resources –

  • PennDOT District 8 Press Releases
    • Dauphin County is part of District 8. These releases tend to be for major routes like I-81, I-83, and U.S. 22 / 322. They are posted on an as-needed basis.
  • PennDOT District 8 Maintenance and Traffic Bulletins (Dauphin County)
    • This bulletin lays out PennDOT’s planned work in Dauphin County on a weekly basis. It lists the street number, street name, municipality, what the repair is, which day(s) of the week the work is happening, and what type of traffic control you can expect to find on-site. This schedule is subject to change due to weather conditions, emergencies, or other unforeseen interruptions.
  • 511PA Harrisburg
    • This is an official Twitter account of PennDOT and provides live information on accidents and traffic in and around the Capital region. You do not need to have a Twitter account – or sign-up for one – in order to utilize this resource.

Winter Weather

Township Ordinance 2016-05 established procedures for declaring a Snow Emergency, and addresses other conditions that are governed by such a declaration. Temporary or emergency traffic regulations, parking regulations, sidewalk maintenance, and fire hydrant clearing requirements are addressed in this ordinance as well as the penalties for violations.

It is unlawful to blow or plow snow, ice, slush, or other matter onto Township roadways. Roadways do not stop at the edge of the pavement; right-of-ways extend on both sides beyond the paved surface. To this extent, items sitting in the Township right-of-ways must be removed to ensure the safety of our road crew and to prevent equipment damage. Violators will be held liable for the cost of any damage incurred by items that remain in the right-of-way. These include, but are not limited to; basketball hoops, cars, trailers, boats, and campers.

Helpful Hint for Clearing Your Driveway

During winter weather, the Road Crew is busy working to keep roadways passable and in safe condition, and homeowners are working to clear driveways. Frustration occurs when no sooner have residents cleared their driveway then the plow comes by and undoes their hard work.

A helpful hint to remember; place the snow you are clearing to the right side of your driveway (when facing the road). This will greatly minimize the amount of snow that is pushed back onto the end of your driveway when the Road Crew does their plow work.

For additional information, check out PennDOT’s Winter Preparation page.

PPL Guidance – Trees & Powerlines

The Township often receives calls about trees on powerlines, but the Road Crew cannot take care of these situations. PPL advises residents to call 1-800-DIAL-PPL (1-800-342-5775). Their forester will send someone to assess the situation. On poles that have several wires on them, remember that the powerline is always the top wire. If unsure, call and let PPL determine what lines are involved.

Calling 911 will also tend to result in emergency personnel being dispatched to the affected area. Often times, traffic control is necessary and these teams will work together.

Never attempt to moved fallen lines or drive over them.