Grants Awarded

The Township is always on the lookout for additional funding opportunities. One of these ways is by applying for grants. Grants are funds that are dispersed to the township that don’t need to be repaid to the issuing body.

From the Dauphin County Department of Community & Economic Development –

“The Pennsylvania Race Horse Development and Gaming Act, as amended, established a coordinated system for ensuring that local governments receive a share of the revenues generated by gaming. This “Local Share” system was designed for the purpose of distributing approximately 4% of gross terminal slot machine revenues of certain licensed gaming facilities in an orderly and timely fashion to support and enhance community and economic wellbeing and mitigate the impact of gaming and related activities. Those funds are distributed to the licensed facility’s host municipality and host county.

Under the Local Share system, Dauphin County is required to use a portion of the Local Share monies it receives for the purposes of awarding municipal grants.”

Middle Paxton Township is an eligible recipient of these grants due to our contiguity to East Hanover Township, home of the Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course.

Below are some of the grants that the Township has been awarded:

2022 Awards

  • $124,000 debt service for DCIB loan.
  • $70,000 elevator installation at municipal building, condition that CDBG must be used, if available, for elevator installation.
  • $55,000, Dauphin Middle Paxton Fire, debt service on emergency response vehicle.
  • Total awarded = $249,000

2021 Awards

  • $124,000 for associated debt for the Potato Valley Road bridge project.
  • $126,300 for the Dauphin-Middle Paxton Joint Park Authority site development plan and American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance improvements.
  • Total awarded = $250,300

2020 Awards

  • $124,000 for associated debt for the Potato Valley Road bridge project.
  • $56,000 for Municipal Building storage and elevator.
  • $61,000 for Dauphin Borough for debt associated with their sewer revenue bond.
  • Total awarded = $241,000