REFUSE and RECYCLING (4300 Industrial Rd, Camp Hill-Service: 800-869-5566 & Billing: 800-642-8850)

The Township has a contract with Waste Management Inc. for refuse and recycling collection.

Standard Service $24.99 per month (2016)
Extra Tags & Tag-A-Bag Customers $ 4.25 per tag
Participating Tag-A-Bag Customers:
Bulk Item pick up
$30.00 per item
Recycle Bins 18 gal – $8.00 / 33 gal -$15.00 ea

Standard Service includes 2 large 30-33 gallon trash bags, recycling and one bulk item pick up per week.   (The bags should be able to be picked up by one individual without tearing.) No substitution of a large bag for one bulk item.

Waste Management will NOT pick up any items with Freon in it nor will they pick up items that were manufactured to use Freon. Residents may call Dauphin County Recycling Center at (717) 982-6772 to find out what they will accept & what their fees are.

As of 2013, Waste Management will no longer take any type of electronics. (TVs, computers, copiers, printers, etc)   These items may be taken to the Dauphin County Recycling Center free of charge for Dauphin County Residents.

Waste Management does not want leaves and weeds. The ideal solution is a home compost pile. Minimize the bulk by using a mulching mower again and again as the leaves fall, enriching your lawn for the next year.

Arrangements can be made through the Township to dispose of bushes, branches, etc., (no leaves), at the new brush site located on Elizabeth Avenue behind the Township Garage. The brush site is open on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturdays from 8-3pm.

The Township adopted a Recycling Ordinance #67 on June 2, 2003. The practice of recycling greatly reduces the amount of material that must be disposed of and helps our future generations. The following materials shall be recycled and placed curbside on your weekly trash day:

  1. Newspaper (phone books accepted if front/back covers & glossy inserts are removed.)
  2. Plastics # 1 through # 7
  3. Aluminum cans
  4. Metal and bi-metal cans – (will take paint cans if empty and dry-put in trash)
  5. All colors of glass bottles/jars
  6. Cereal boxes.

Foam Peanuts can be taken to UPS located at 4075 Linglestown Road, Harrisburg.

New residents moving into the area & purchase existing home must pay for new recycle bins. (Previous resident should have left bin behind.) Residents who build new will receive a free recycling bin.


The Township has Ordinances in regards to open burning, Ordinance #67, #80, and does allow cautious burning of dried leaves and plant materials. Please contact the Township Office to obtain a copy of the Ordinances. 717-921-8128. Please direct all complaints to the Code Enforcement Official at 717-921-8128 X108.

If you are planning to burn a large pile of yard wastes please contact Dauphin County Emergency Management prior to burning at 717-558-6800 and the Dauphin Middle Paxton Fire Company (non-emergency number) 717-921-8242 to avoid false alarms.


 Please remember that Dauphin County operates a free curbside collection program for Household Hazardous wastes. The program is available once per year to each household.   Items which can disposed of through the program include pesticides, used motor oil, batteries, household cleaning chemicals and oil based paints. This is not a complete list. For more information or to make arrangements please call 1-(800) 449-7587.