Effective October 1, 2017 the Township entered into a new contract for regular pick up and disposal of municipal waste and pick up of recyclable materials within the Township. This contract was advertised publicly for bid and the only interested response received was from Waste Management. Given the area size of our Township, several other companies reviewed the bid specifics but did not submit a bid.

All township residents should have received notice of the new collection rates from Waste Management along with the specifics of that agreement.

The Township office will continue to sell individual trash tags at a new cost of $5.30 per tag.

Allowable recyclables for collection are:

  • Aluminum cans – food & beverage consisting of aluminum, excluding aluminum foil, trays, and plates.
  • Bimetal cans – food & beverage containers consisting of a steel cylinder and an aluminum top & bottom
  • Glass – bottles, jars or other containers made of clear, colored glass. This includes all food & beverage containers made of glass. Excluded are light bulbs and window or plate glass.
  • Newsprint – Paper commonly having printed news or other matter of public interest.
  • Magazines – glossy publications, advertisements and inset of newspapers.
  • High Grade Office Paper – bond, copier, letterhead, or mimeograph paper.
  • Plastics – food, beverage & detergent containers comprised of the following resins: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, and #7.
  • Steel Cans – food & beverage containers consisting of steel.
  • Corrugated Paper – cardboard boxes & packaging.
  • Paperboard – containers of dry food such as cereal.